What are Hologram Labels


What are Hologram Labels

Hologram labels are asset tagging labels that have holograms printed on them, which facilitates quick identification and easy processing of the various assets of a company. Hologram stickers are usually duplicate-proof and are used for assets that require proof of authenticity, such as important documents, identity cards, credit and debit cards, currency notes, food products, medicines etc.

Highly sophisticated, these tags also reduce the possibility of counterfeit products and evokes trust among potential customers. Hologram labels often use serial numbers and barcodes to enhance logistic functions and greater ease in maintaining inventory.

How do Hologram Labels Work

Hologram stickers are usually made of thin and flexible nylon, polyester, or oriented polypropylene. Hologram labels suppliers usually use two different techniques to print the hologram tags they are holographic stock folding and cold foil stamping.

Holographic Stock Folding

The process of holographic stock folding involves the use of holographic pressure-sensitive film or paper. Inkjet printers are often used on holographic paper made of polyester to create unique holograms.

Cold Foil Stamping

Compared to holographic stock folding, the process of cold foil stamping provides more freedom in terms of design and construction. This process is used to create both 2D and 3D holograms. In this process, a holographic foil is applied to a clear film or glossy paper. The foil may be applied all over the base film or paper or layered on top of other foils for a patterned look.

In the process of developing the optical elements of a hologram, several algorithms are used to combine scattered radiation patterns in a way which is very difficult to replicate. Some labels are created through extremely sophisticated and highly expensive electron-beam lithography systems, which incorporate concealed images and laser readable texts within the hologram.

Uses of Hologram Labels

Attractive Packaging

Bright, colorful and highly visible, these easily attract the attention of the customer towards a product. If the brand name or logo is incorporated within the hologram also familiarizes the customer with the brand and increases brand exposure. The vibrant visuals also coax the shoppers into making positive purchase decisions.


Some hologram labels leave behind a honeycomb design when they are removed, or easily disintegrate when it is tampered with. Some of them also leave a secondary design even when they are removed. This makes it easier to identify and locate products that are misplaced or stolen. These tags are also used as seals which indicate whether there were any attempts to open the package.

Ensures Authenticity

Not easily duplicated, these tags assure the customers that the product they are purchasing is genuine. Some stickers also have special dyes called tagganted foils, which are not visible unless scanned by a special reader.

Facilities Inventory

Data incorporated into the tags may also help in storing other relevant details regarding the product. This helps in streamlining maintenance schedules and reduces the hassles associated with maintaining inventory.

Hologram tags can protect company assets from theft, damage and loss, which make them the best option for tagging expensive items on the inventory.

PolyLabel Hologram Labels

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