What are Hologram Labels

Hologram labels are asset tagging labels that have holograms printed on them, which facilitates quick identification and easy processing of the various assets of a company. Hologram stickers are usually duplicate-proof and are used for assets that require proof of authenticity, such as important documents, identity cards, credit and debit cards, currency notes, food products, medicines etc. Highly sophisticated, these tags...

Security Labels

What Are the Uses of Security Labels?

Security labels are used in an environment where you might have the necessity to identify any label tampering. There are many uses for these labels. For example, they can be used on packaging, to track data, seal freight, cargo containers, seal forensic samples, or be used in the government as a security seal.

Why Are...

Tamper Evident Labels

What are Tamper Evident Labels?

To protect valuable assets, organizations and companies may use a tamper-evident label. Most people are familiar with these labels. For example, we have tamper-evident labels on food items. When you go to the store and pick up a product such as a tin of muffins, you're buying a product that is sealed. It may have...

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