5 Uses of Tamper Evident Labels


5 Uses of Tamper Evident Labels

5 Uses of Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper-evident is defined as a process or device that detects unauthorized or illegal access to any protected object. Tamper-evident seal or label has 1 or more barriers or indicators to entry. If any one of these seals is missing or breached, it notifies the potential users and provides visible evidence of tampering.

This additional step of including TEL or tamper-evident labels to your product proves that you are concerned about your integrity of the product. It is important to note that the tamper-evident seals should not contain critical information about the product.
You can safeguard your customers and your items in several ways. Below, there is a list of 5 uses of tamper-evident labels that may be beneficial for your business.

Uses of Tamper Evident Labels

1. Bags and Jar Seals

These tamper-evident seals or labels are found wrapped around jar tops which prove that the product is unopened and sealed. This offers peace of mind to buyers when they buy a product. In the case of jars, a tamper-evident label is placed from one end of it to another. It also seals a bag from one side to another. The tamper-evident label adds extra value to the product.

2. Safety Tabs

This method of tamper-evident labeling involves fixing perforated tabs to the product labels. The additional label material overlaps with the opening or lid of the product. Once the perforation safety tabs are ripped, it indicates the tampering of the product. This kind of labeling is mostly used in lip balms and other similar cosmetic products and it helps the customers to check if the product has been unsealed or opened before purchasing it. Various tamper-evident labels can be used for both oval and round tubes and they are available in multiple colors and materials that suit the products’ requirements, styles, and brandings.

3. Void Labels

Silver void tamper-evident labels cover a huge series of products. The material is specially designed and it appears as a metallic silver seal. If the seal is removed, a secondary coating of silver label remains on the product. Several shapes and sizes of void labels are available and you can add any information on it, such as dates, messages, ingredients, etc.

4. Shrink Bands

This tamper-evident label is the most commonly used packaging technique. The shrink bands are generally used in food packaging, medical products, and cosmetics. They are available in several finishes and colors, and they are applied by using a normal heat source.

5. Induction Seals

These tamper-evident labels are mostly found in bottles and containers. A material lid made of wax, aluminum, plastic, and paper pulp, is placed on the top of pill bottles or containers to seal it. The seals are generally used on food, liquid, and drug containers and for products having an extended shelf-life. If the induction seal has tampered, it alerts the users about the potential damage, usage or changes to the product before purchase or consumption.

Uses of Tamper Evident Labels Summary

To sum up, the benefits of using tamper-evident labels are that it preserves product integrity, especially in the case of various perishable consumer items such as food and medicines. Seals are also used to gain customer trust and help brands generate market reputation by guaranteeing quality. Tamper-evident labels also help companies track down issues of product tampering feasibly without hampering their delivery chain.

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