What are Tamper Evident Labels


What are Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels are known for providing a beneficial feature of security to the products. They make sure that company labels are not removed or certification logos are not tampered with. Tamper evident labels are simple but cost-effective solutions to reduce theft and counterfeiting. It is a sure shot method to protect high-value assets.

Tamper evident labels can be applied to an access point, container or an item. They come with a custom destructible film that breaks into smaller parts when somebody tries to remove it. Also, the adhesive pattern indicates unauthorized usage. In simple words, it protects both the customer and the manufacturer’s brand.

What are the Types of Product Tampering

Product tampering can, usually, be classified into 4 types:

  1. Criminal tampering: In this case, someone may purposefully tamper sealed products or items leading to consumers purchasing below-par adulterated products without knowing.
  2. Staged tampering: In order to make the manufacturer the victim of actual tampering, the offender tries to change the contents of the product thereby destroying the goodwill of the company.
  3. Faked tampering: In such cases, there has been no tampering in reality yet a hoax is circulated regarding the same. These labels come in handy showing explicitly that no tampering has occurred, if so.
  4. Suspected tampering: When a product appears unusual or if there are adverse symptoms after consumption of the product, then the consumers inform the manufacturer about the tampering of the item in question.

As a result, the Federal Anti-tampering Act was passed in 1983. According to it, tampering with any consumer product, its labeling, container or packaging is considered a criminal offence. In order to alert the customers about the tamper-evident features, each product bears a statement on a label which is prominently placed on the packaging.

These stickers are available in various forms. There are different sizes to suit the needs of the product. In order to create a security label, it is necessary to determine the level of security, for example, high, medium or low risk. Higher risk entails more security features for the label to ensure safety. Raw materials like film materials or plain paper are used to make these labels.

The most basic form is cutting or tooling in specific places of the product so that if an offender tries to contaminate the product, it is easily visible. There are other designs as well, like an easily detectable and disintegrated residue which will immediately indicate if the security of the product has been tampered with.

Tamper evidence is often confused with tamper resistance. Tamper evident packaging implies there are one or more entry barriers which indicate a customer that the product has been tampered with. On the other hand, tamper resistance packaging is designed to resist access to the product contained inside the package.

Do Tamper Evident Labels serve their Purpose

These labels provide asset tracking capabilities and help track down theft, thereby, saving the manufacturers from incurring huge costs. They are an excellent option for products like medicines and sterile equipment or other valuable electronics as well, showing clear evidence in case of tampering.

Since the problem of duplication of products has grown worldwide, tamper-evident labels are a simple and cost-effective solution to demarcate the products and protect them against dangerous and cheap counterfeits which are available in the market. They help the manufacturer to retain his or her brand integrity and goodwill.

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