What is an Asset Tag Label


What is an Asset Tag Label

types-of-barcodesAn asset tag label are usually adhesive labels made of laminated polyester and use a barcode or a unique serial number. They are unique labels attached to the various assets that a company may acquire in the course of conducting business.

The codes and identification numbers on these labels contain relevant information regarding the asset which helps in easy identification, inventory control and facilitate quicker processing. The information provided through these tags may include location, handling instructions, department, and other details.

Types of Asset Tag Labels


barcode-asset-tag-labelHighly accurate and affordable, barcodes consist of parallel black and white lines which store extensive information. Available in one-dimension as well as two-dimension versions, barcodes are the best option for small businesses who do not wish to invest much in asset tags.


Destructible Labels

destructible-asset-tag-labelsIdeal for theft prevention, these are the best asset tags that are used to detect attempts to damage or remove expensive property from company premises. Mostly used on valuable assets like laptops, cameras and other equipment, these tags fall apart when they are forcefully removed.

QR Code Labels

qr-code-asset-tag-labelConsisting of black squares placed on a white background, these asset tags are popular because of their fast readability and the large amount of storage it provides. Easily scanned through smartphones, these tags do not require expensive scanners and are easily accessible.


RFID Asset Tags

rfid-asset-tag-labelOne of the best asset tags for companies which require warehouse management as well as retail operations, rfid asset tags facilitate the mass-processing of assets within a short span of time. These tags function through a tiny electronic device which consists of an antenna and a chip, which is then read through a scanner.

Metal Asset Tags

Strong and durable, these tags are mostly used on assets that are often exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme heat, water or chemicals. Made of rust-proof metals, these tags are often resistant to damage and are usually used in the agricultural industry or factories.

GPS Tags

One of the most advanced asset tags available, these sophisticated asset tag labels provides companies with the real-time locations of their assets, and also keep a record of all locations it has visited.

Benefits of using an Asset Tag Label

  • It eliminates the hassles of inventory control by providing an easily accessible database of all assets.
  • It checks the loss and theft of expensive assets by identifying and locating them.
  • Allows Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to take care of scheduled maintenance of assets.
  • In heavily regulated businesses, it ensures that regulatory requirements are satisfied, and also helps in proving compliance.
  • Since tags help in tracking the various assets, it prevents duplication of assets so that resources may be directed towards fulfilling more pressing requirements.
  • Scanning labels helps in better time-management.

Asset tags have become indispensable to businesses due to the numerous advantages they provide in the daily functioning of a workplace. These tags can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of every business.

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