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PolylabelTamper Seals

Tamper Seals

These security seals are an inexpensive alternative to our custom security labels.

We offer pre-printed security seals in the smallest practical size offering tamper evidency for the protection of your components, valuables and other goods.  Tamper seals are an effective way to prevent and deter unauthorized entry and possible substitution of components.

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Tamper Evident Label Operation

Security seals or labels can work in two ways. First they can break up or fragment when any attempt is made to lift them and gain entry. Second is for the security seal to leave a distinctive pattern behind if it is lifted AND on the label surface even if replaced exactly where lifted.

Our white destructible tamper evident labels have a consistency close to that of the Teflon tape you use to seal pipe joints, only with a very, very, very sticky adhesive that works on just about any surface. The low stiffness of this security label allows it to be used on ridged, pebbled or other textured surfaces and even over a screw head it is almost impossible to lift even a small portion of the security seal without tearing. While outdoor rated it is obvious that this label will not stand up to abrasion. Since this tamper evident label is non-conductive it can be put directly onto computer chips or other electronic devices. Great for identifying computer components as under warranty and you can write on the surface with a ballpoint pen. (carefully and before peeling from the backing paper) Widely used as a warranty void label or a proof of calibration seal. The ability to adhere to serrated caps makes this useful on small bottles or even wire connectors.

Our mirror finished chrome security seal is polyester (mylar) with a permanent acrylic adhesive applied so that if the label is lifted it leaves a checkerboard pattern behind and on the surface of the tamper evident label even if put back exactly where lifted. The adhesive needs to cure at room temperature for 36 hours before it sets up completely and may not be suitable for some low grade plastics BUT on bare metal, painted metal or other clean smooth surfaces these security seals will stand up to rough handling and last for years! Due to the metallic foil backing these labels must be considered conductive to electricity and appropriate precautions taken. The plastic surface of these seals can only be written on with special pens for marking the surface of CDs.

Custom Security Labels

Obviously we produce fully custom security seals using these and other specialized label materials. Our home page, and other locations on our web site present the most common sizes and designs used in tamper evident seals BUT we are continually expanding our selection of sizes and material so please contact us with your specific requirements for security seals and we will be happy to discuss possible solutions.

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