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PolylabelStock Hologram Labels

Stock Hologram Labels

Tamper evident, serial numbered holograms in stock patterns for use as product authenticity identification or as a security hologram seal. Using a stock security hologram label with serial numbers and tamper evident construction is the perfect low cost alternative to custom hologram printing. Next Day Shipping on all hologram labels or seals!


Hologram Seals
Hologram Labels
Hologram Seals
Hologram Labels
(.6″ square)
US $20.00
(20¢ per label)
US $74.95
(15¢ per label)
US $130.00
(13¢ per label)
US $495.00
(10¢ per label)
(.6″ X 1.2″)
US $26.50
(26¢ per label)
US $99.95
(20¢ per label)
US $170.00
(17¢ per label)
US $650.00
(13¢ per label)


These security hologram labels use an adhesive that sticks well to plastics and almost any clean surface. These hologram seals have two layers. The lower layer with a serialized hologram is a thin and fragile, Tamper Evident, hologram label. The top laminate is a tough clear polyester providing abrasion and water/chemical protection to the hologram label. Attempting to lift the security hologram seal peels off only the top layer leaving the hologram label behind or can leave a pattern behind.

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