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PolylabelHolograms and Holographic Products

Holograms and Holographic Products

As holographic technology improves and costs become more affordable, more and more companies are now turning to holograms for a variety of product authentication and brand protection purposes. Holograms are ideal in that they are very difficult (if not impossible) to duplicate, they are unique and offer a host of security measures not found in other security labels.

Polylabel is a supplier and manufacturer of stock and custom holograms. We provide a wide range of high quality hologram products at a reasonable cost to you.

Stock Hologram Labels
We provide a quality low-priced solution to those who are looking for the protection provided by hologram labels but don't have the budget to purchase custom labels. You can purchase either 15mm x 15mm or 15mm x 30mm stock hologram labels, complete with serialized numbers and unique holographic features.

Custom Hologram Labels
We can provide you with full custom hologram labels complete with your logo at a fraction of the cost when compared to competitors. In fact, most holograms manufacturers will charge 3 to 4 times more then we do. Fortunately, we offer hologram services for large and short run productions, starting as low as US$1500 and with delivery typically with in 30-days.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our hologram solutions.

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