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PolylabelHigh Security Seals

High Security Seals

Standard mass produced tamper evident labels, tags and seals provide excellent value and provide several methods to:

  • prevent and deter label removal.
  • to notify administrators when tampering has been attempted or made through overt and covert tamper evident features.

In most cases standard security labels are sufficient but given enough time, experience and technical ability, anyone with the right incentive can defeat and bypass security label features. In other words, there is no fool-proof tamper evident seal or security label. The idea is to use a label with the sufficient level of protection to deter any would-be tamperer from taking the time to learn how to bypass the label's security features.

So what about in those cases where potential losses are greater? High security labels can make penetration of the label defenses much more difficult and time consuming but this alone will not optimize your security.

Our staff has spent years investigating cost effective label materials as well as reviewing and testing many available security materials. We've also spent consider time and cost developing our own custom high-end security materials for use in specialized environments for specific clients. Due to the high security nature of these products and the highly sensitive ways these labels are being used, there are some details we just aren't prepared to divulge through our website and will only speak about to our clients once we know who we are speaking with. This is an area which requires personal advice, explanation and analysis that can only be done by speaking directly to our clients. Our expertise can help you to determine what materials will work best for your unique situation and how to best use these labels to optimize your security.

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