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PolylabelBarcode Types – Code-128

Barcode Types – Code-128


multi-level barcode developed by Computer Identics Corp. in 1981, named for being able to symbolize 128 characters in full-ASCII.

In other barcodes, one character can express one type of data. In CODE-128, through the selective use of the start character, one character can express three types of data in any position.


  • Selective Start Characters
    Start Code – A = following characters are expressed using full-ASCII.
    Start Code – B = following characters are expressed as a 1-digit alpha-numeric or a mark.
    Start Code – C = following characters are expressed as a 2-digit number.


Change in Data Content By Start Character



  • Code Set Character
    Code – A : changes the type of following characters to full-ASCII.
    Code – B : changes the type of following charactesr to 1-digit alpha-numeric.
    Code – C : changes the type of following characters to 2-digit numbers.


  • Shift Characteralters only the following single character from A –> B, B –> C, or C –> A, then back to the original type code.


  • Function Charactera character for special definition; for example, by inserting FC1 after the Start-code character, it indicates that the data is coded in the UCC/EAN-128 format.
    (See UCC/EAN-128)

With its flexible functionality, it has been adopted as worldwide-common supplemental code for physical distribution.

Summary of Code-128 Symbol

    Character Set
Start Character : START CODE A,B,C
Non-Data Character : FNC 1,2,3,4
Code-Set Character : CODE A,B,C SHIFT
Data Character : ASCII 128 characters
Stop Character :
    Code type Continuous
    Length of symbol variable
    Self Check Yes
    Checkdigit Needed (modulus 103)
    Character Density about 5.83 chars/cm


Character Composition


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