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A barcode symbology and data format used for primary and secondary product identification. Primary identification consists of two formats: the Serial Shipping Container Code and the U.P.C. Shipping Container Code. The first is an 18-digit code for the unique identification of a single mixed-merchandise shipping container, equivalent to a unique container “license plate,” typically used in conjunction with an EDI advance ship notice transaction. The U.P.C. Shipping Container Code uses 14 digits to identify a standard pack or case.

Except for A.I. of 00, it is used with the case code for concentrated packages, or Standard Symbology for Physical Distribution to express information of products that cannot be coded within.

A.I. expresses the following information:

00 A continuous code for transport container. A code which is used alone and aims at the distinction of individual transport packages. The next 1 digit of A.I. indicates the form of package (palette, container, etc.), the next 7 digits is flag and maker code of EAN, and then next 9 digits are serial number.
10 batch number
A.I. 10 indicates that it is batch number only.
11 date of manufacture.
13 date of packaging.
15 time limit for guarantee.
17 time limit for sales.
** all the above are combined with the batch number.
20 A variant product. Used for products having a different packing forms, etc.
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