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Premium high quality asset tags
Polylabel specializes in the rapid production and delivery of high quality custom asset labels. We provide labeling solutions targeted to meet your specific custom asset tag and security label needs.

We charge the same price for all of our standard label materials and sizes. Choose from our assortment of asset label materials and we'll add your logo, custom text and/or serialized barcode numbers at no additional charge. The price you see if the price you pay.

Fast turnaround
We can e-mail proofs of your asset tag layouts to speed approval and, where there is enough time, we can mail out physical samples of your asset tags as well. Labels are available in small runs and fast turnaround. We can typically have labels designed, approved, produced and ready for shipment in 1-day.


100 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000
Pricing for all standard label materials
(PolyAsset, PolyBreak, PolyCheck, PolyVoid)
US $135 US $165 US $195 US $295 US $395 US $495
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Asset Label Materials

Our most popular label, PolyAsset labels, will adhere permanently to just about any surface and in many cases will last as long as your assets themselves. Graphics, text and barcodes will never fade because they are permanently placed on the labels using our full resin printers, essentially making the ink part of the label.

We offer several label materials that can be used for asset labels and security labels, each with it's own distinctive characteristics. These materials are listed below.

PolyAsset – Platinum or White

Our standard asset labels are non-tamper evident, extra durable Platinum (metallic/aluminium) or White semi-gloss finished polyester mylar labels. The high durability and adhesion of these labels make it a popular choice for fixed asset label applications.


Tamper Evident Asset Labels

In some cases, our clients require that their asset tags also be tamper evident. Fortunately, we can accommodate this need with three types of tamper evident label materials … all for the same price as our standard labels!


PolyVoid is a 3M white polyester (Mylar) tamper evident label, which leaves the word “VOID” on the surface and on the label if lifted! Extra Durability for outdoor use.


PolyBreak is a white, semi-gloss polyester, destructible material. This material has a very aggressive adhesive (solvent based) and easily breaks up at any attempt at removal.

PolyCheck – Platinum or Chrome

PolyCheck Platinum or PolyCheck Chrome labels are made of durable polyester material. This material is produced in two-parts with an adhesive that leaves behind a distinctive checkerboard pattern when tampered with or removed. Please Note, PolyCheck Chrome should not be used with barcodes because of the high reflective surface.


Over Laminate Protection for Larger Labels

Add increased durability to any larger sized labels with clear over laminate labels. This will give your labels increased protection against both abrasion and chemicals.

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